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The Last Face 2016 full movie online free

A love story set against the backdrop of war-torn Africa. Miguel, a heroic Spanish doctor, puts himself in harm's way to deliver medical treatment to the victims of military uprisings. Wren is the spokesperson for an organization that funds medical assistance for impoverished nations the world over. They meet in Liberia, where Wren is immediately impressed with Miguel's selflessness, medical skill, and strapping physique. He works hard and has charm and charisma that cut through any language barrier. Wren is drawn to him, and they begin a torrid affair.


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Release: May 20, 2016

IMDb: 1.0

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The Last Face full movie review - A moving picture full of emotional drama , romance and touching scenes that pays tribute to ¨Médecins Sans Frontières¨

This is a thought-provoking and beautifully dramatic film , packing a stirring love story , though slowly paced .

A chief of an international aid agency in Africa called Wren (Charlize Theron) runs the International Council in Geneva , Switzerland , coordinating the international activities common to the operational centres and directing efforts to provide medical care in acute crises , as well as raising international awareness of potential humanitarian disasters . Then , Wren arrives in Africa and meets a relief aid doctor Miguel Leon (Javier Bardem) who belongs to ¨Médecins Sans Frontières¨ (MSF , vast majority of staff are volunteers) , also known as ¨Doctors Without Borders¨ and both of whom fall in love . The doctor Wren joins a group of obstinate doctors (Adèle Exarchopoulos , Jared Harris , Jean Reno , Denise Newman) who help unfortunate and distressed African people and undergo risked operations to wounded townsfolk . The stubborn doctors expand accessibility to medical care across national boundaries and irrespective of race , religion , creed or political affiliation . Meanwhile , in Monrovia (Liberia) takes place a coup de'état , and then they get together to flee from the capital to Sierra Leona . They embark in a dangerous journey which will take various countries risking his own life and confronting nasty guerrillas . Both of them compliment each other with there destine to help the poor natives of African countries .

Intelligent drama with plenty of emotion , moving scenes and sensational performances . This is a deliberately paced flick , a satisfying journey of love , justice and self-discovery amidst political/social revolutions . It displays great feeling , thrills , and provoking melodrama in which a couple takes on strong choices surrounding humanitarianism and tough lives through civil unrest . This brooding flick sometimes results to be slow-moving , relying heavily on the long love affair ; however , being developed in sensibility and intelligence , but here is narrated ethic , moral issues with great sense of ductility and in ¨Terence Malick¨ style . "The Last Face" takes parts of the self-sacrificing doctors seen in ¨The Constant Gardener¨ by Fernando Mereilles and the bloody African wars from ¨Blood diamonds¨ by Edward Zwick . Cast is frankly good and giving top-notch interpretations . As the Spanish Javier Bardem providing an awesome acting , he grants his character a self-righteous drive that is made poignant for her determination and sheer will . Very magnetic performance by Charlize Theron who gives the right balance of self-righteousness which makes her performance more real , she also creates her character human , heart and determination with her role , not a stereotype . The movie contains thrilling and violent scenes like the breathtaking battle when the military revolutionaries going into the capital Liberia with blood and fire , as well as rampage , ravage and the indiscriminate massacres carried out by the extremely violent revolutionary guerrillas and including gory scenes , such as grisly killings in cold blood and an astonishing surgical Cesarian . Beautiful , haunting and mesmerizing cinematography by Barry Ackroyd . Perceptible , and at times rousing musical score by the prestigious composer Hans Zimmer , including some really sensitive songs in African sounds .

The motion picture was professionally -though in complex narrative filled with flashbacks- directed by Sean Penn . Here Penn tells an African story full of death and violence and presents it with impressive truth , though being both , overlong and touching. Sean tops his last directional effort with an intense drama that is moving , scary and down right forthright . Penn has proved to be a good filmmaker , such as : ¨The Indian runner¨(91) , ¨The crossing guard¨(95) , ¨The pledge¨(2001) , and ¨Into the wild¨ (2002) at his best . This "The Last Face" (2016) will appeal to Javier Bardem and Charlize Theron fans containing numerous scenes have you on the edge of your seat.

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