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Richard and Mildred Loving, an interracial couple, married in Virginia 1958. Authorities broke into their home, arrested them, and they were sentenced to a year in the state penitentiary. This sentence was suspended on the condition that they be exiled from the state of Virginia. Richard and Mildred would spend the next nine years fighting to get home. All of this, because Richard was a white man and Mildred a part black, part Cherokee woman.


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Release: Nov 04, 2016

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Loving full movie review - another idiotic propaganda

This is not a love story. It's clearly a political act, a carefully planned operation to promote "desegregation" and "racial mixing".

We can clearly see the results of this vast operation that was conducted in late 50s and continued to be conducted to this day by the powers behind the curtains. And this is not a conspiracy theory.

The government want people to mix and to create some non-specific race which would be neither black or white or Asian. They want a race without an identity that would be easily manipulated and ruled, since all mixed people are placed "in between and nowhere in particular". All mixed people are pulled apart between cultures and are forced to choose.

Have you noticed how ALL.. not some but ALL mixed children even if they are really light skinned.. ALL of them consider themselves to be BLACK.. or at least not WHITE

For instance take Alecia Keys or Halley Berry both mixed fair skinned and really good looking. Have they ever addressed their WHITE heritage? Never. They present themselves to be black. Period.

So don't tell me about any love stories about a white guy and some black chick who fell in love. This is total utter crap.

I wouldn't believe for a second that there were no good white girls for that white guy to love and take care of. All of it is forced and planned.

And today it's a trend among famous actors.. to get hitched with black chicks. Take for example Bill Burr, he married this black chick who by all standards is not very good looking. Of course, the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.. but please look at this seriously. Bill is a famous guy, he is Irish, he is funny. And what does he do? Marry a black chick as if that is the final choice he fell in love with? Please, don't insult my intelligence.

Look at how many black and Asian kids are adopted by really famous and rich white actresses as if they have nothing better to do. It's not a coincidence that ACTORS adopt non-white kids. It's obvious that THE ACTORS are being forced to adopt non-whites, and in exchanged they are given HIGH PROFILE ROLES AND PAID for such convenient politically correct behavior.

And there is no doubt in my mind that Bill Burr got all his "comedy specials" and all the roles in the movies, since he married a black chick which suits the political agenda so conveniently.

Only the actors who behave in a PC way get a break in show-biz. No doubt about it. It's clear as day.

And look at a lot of other famous actors and you would be surprised that many have divorced their former WHITE wives and married someone of non-white race. It is a trend and it is a STRONG trend.

Hollywood is seriously trying to push such behavior as something good, since it's always shown in such a way where the evil local government is against interracial relationships and the all good and fair federal government fixes the problem by making a Supreme Court decision.

This just shows that the federal government have been taken over by psychos and communist who wish the white race goes extinct.

There are videos on the internet where you can hear Jews in particular talking about how white race is evil and that it should be exterminated and NO ONE charges these Jews with any kind of law suit. There are black people also who say the same exact things about white race.

The Jews and black hate white people. It's not the white people who hate the Jews or blacks. We don't really care for either Jews or blacks and if weren't forced to live with them side by side, we would have even better safer and prosperous lives.

But government doesn't want this. They want all whites to interbreed with black, so all people in the land would be colored.

And take a close look at how colored people live and what they are capable of when there are no white people around to help them.

They are worthless. Period. The same with Jews. Same for all colored. They are aggressive and non-inventive.

And the irony about this, that if you speak about this subject you are called a racist. But it's the truth. If the truth must be called racist for some insane reason then yes.. i'm racist i guess.

But then again.. is it racist when Jews and black talk about the need to exterminate white race?

Who is really THE RACIST??

There are only 300 000 000 white people in the entire world.

And there are 6 700 000 000 of non-white people.

And it's racist for the white people to want to stay white and stop racial mixing?

Someone must be insane in here. And it's not me for sure.

And may I remind all that most of art work and science works have been made by white people.

Isn't it strange?

The reality is such that white race is being killed.

And hypocrites have a nerve to call white people all kinds of bad words in the dictionary while most of the atrocities around the world have been done and still continue to be done by non-whites.

When I see interracial couples I think something went wrong. It's like seeing a white person with a terminal disease.

All the virus wants is to kill you. And non white blood is the virus for white blood. And there is no politically correct way to talk about it. It's the fact and it's the truth.

Of course this review will generate a ton of butt-hurt. Sorry about that.

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