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In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem 2017 full movie online free

Produced by CBN Documentaries and Biblical Productions, "In Our Hands" tells the story of the Battle of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War through the eyes of the IDF's 55th Paratrooper Brigade


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Release: May 23, 2017

IMDb: 1.0

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In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem full movie review - This is a very good, accurate record of 1967 events

I have already read much on Israel's creation, declaring independence and the Six Days War to be able to recognize accuracy.

This is very accurate and very clarifying regarding the Jews struggle to re-take Jerusalem despite enemies and biased world opinion. I appreciated the testimonials of actual combatants coordinated with the recreated scenarios. It was very moving and provoked a real emotional response from me. This is a great tutorial for people wanting to have a better understanding of why little, tiny Israel is so significant in the arc of history...past, present and future. Gordon Robertson's "wrap up" at the conclusion is excellent. I highly recommend this.

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